Services Provided

Sustainable Management Consulting

• Integrating Sustainability into Business Plans/Strategy/Operations
• Showing Financial Benefits of Good Sustainability Integration
• Presentations on “the Business Case for Sustainability in Business” to Key Stakeholders (Board of Directors, Senior Executives, Employees, Customers, Major Investors, Trade Associations, Lenders, Subsidiaries and Parent Companies) in one-on-one meetings, small groups, workshops and conferences
• Reverse Engineering of Corporate Sustainability Rating Systems to Improve Your Sustainability Rating
 (SAM/Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Innovest/Risk Metrics, TruCost, KLD, Asset4, etc.)
• Regulatory Review and Proposed Regulations/Standards Tracking (i.e., RGGI, Climate Registry, etc.)
• Advise Boards on Sustainability Risks/Opportunities Assessment & Oversight

Sustainable Risks/Opportunities Management

• Climate Change Business Risks/Opportunities Impacts Assessment
• NAIC “Best Practice” Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Surveys Consulting- Insurers must disclose climate change risks to investors and regulators as of 1 May 2010
• Analyzing Climate Risk in Investment Strategies
• Emerging Clean Technologies/Businesses Risk/Opportunities Assessment

Access to Capital & Sustainable Finance Opportunities

• Venture Capital/Angel Equity
• Foundation Grant Preparation
• Environmental/Carbon Finance & Insurance Opportunities
• Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Financing
• Identifying Environmental Attribute (Carbon Credit) Revenue Streams
• Sustainable Asset Management Systems and Advisory Services
• Technology, Operations and Marketing Consulting & Due Diligence

Marketing & Access to Customers

• Global Market Potential for New Technologies/Products
• Product Feasibility/Strategy
 and Their Sustainability Impacts
• Emerging Clean/Green/Renewable Technology Assessment
• Franchise/Licensing Opportunities, Agreements and Partnerships
• Government/Regulatory Relations, Policies and Contacts
• Strategic Corporate Partnership Opportunities
• Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Support

Corporate Social Responsibility/Responsible Investment/SRI

• CSR/RI Management Systems, Policies, Implementation, and Advisory Services
• Quantification of Business Value of CSR/RI
/SRI to Shareholders/Stakeholders
• Implementation of CSR/RI strategies that Improve he Bottom Line and Increase Shareholder and Stakeholder Value
• Socially-Responsible Investing (SRI) Engagement, Strategy and Consulting

Higher Education Support on Sustainability

• Establishing Campus-wide Sustainability Committees and Teams
• Presentations on “the Business Case for Sustainability in Higher Education” to Key Stakeholders (Board of Trustees, Presidents, CFOs, Provosts, Faculty, Students, Administrators, Facilities/Energy Management Staff, Major Donors, State Education Agencies, and Endowment Managers) in one-on-one meetings, small groups, campus sustainability committee meetings, workshops and conferences
• Reverse Engineering of Higher Education Sustainability Rating Systems to Improve Your Rating (AAASHE, Sustainable Endowment Institute, Princeton Review, etc.)
• Finding Innovative Funding for Campus Sustainability Programs
• Implementing Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs that Save Money and Protect the Environment
• Integrating Sustainability & Green Jobs Training into Higher Education Curriculum
• Sustainability Investing, Screening and Engagement Support for Endowments

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