Clients and Partners

Sample GPA Clients and Partners:

  • EcoCarbon Innovations
  • Parhelion Capital
  • NJ Board of Public Utilities
  • NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
  • NJ Corporation for Innovative Technologies
  • NY State Environmental Business Association
  • The Chicago Climate Exchange
  • The Insurance, Environment & Treasury departments of the State of Connecticut
  • Light Green Advisors
  • RepRisk AG
  • Maplecroft Limited
  • Trucost Limited
  • The TBLS Group
  • Toyota North America
  • Sanofi-Adventis
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Shell Investments Pension Plan
  • Bank of America
  • Sterling Planet
  • Dover Asset Management LLC
  • Carbon Financial LLC
  • Duke Energy
  • Energy East/Iberdrola
  • PSE&G
  • Vatenfall
  • Alfred University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Hagan School of Business, Iona College
  • SUNY-Purchase
  • Marlyhurst University
  • Montclair State University
  • Bard College
  • Israel Chemicals Limited
  • Government of the UAE
  • Access Industries
  • ConAgra
  • Boston Carbon Corporation
  • The Rutherfoord Group
  • Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • ICF Consulting (née A. D. Little)
  • Rothschilds Asset Management
  • Israel Chemicals Limited
  • World Environment Center
  • Stratton Resources LLC
  • Government of the United Arab Emirates
  • United Nations Environment Program Financial Initiative (UNEP-FI)
  • Marsh, Inc.
  • Law Gibb Group
  • Perlucid Corporation
  • Sanitec, Inc.
  • ABB Flakt Sanitec GmbH
  • US State Department
  • UNEP
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • UN Global City Summit (Habitat II)
  • National Environmental Policy Institute
  • Sustainable Development Institute of Columbia University Business School
  • Several global financial institutions including some of the top 10 banks in the USA and Europe
  • Environmental venture capital funds in the US and Europe
  • A number of startup companies operating in the areas of clean technologies, carbon credit finance, environmental risk assessment, and environmental/social investment research.


Sample Sustainable Advisory Projects and Partnership Roles:  

EcoCarbon Innovations (ECI), USA

Mr. Cusack serves as senior advisor to the CEO of ECI, a CT-based clean technology startup commercializing a proprietary clean production process for the production of activated carbon. He was responsible for identifying potential contractors to build the first ECI plant, and working to provide equity investing from HNW impact investment groups and venture capital investors, and developing an innovative approach for possible issuance and purchase of Green Bonds on behalf of the project by CT’s economic development and treasurer’s offices.

RepRisk AG, Zurich Switzerland

Mr. Cusack assisted RepRisks entry into the US market for their ESG Reputation Risk Ratings of 52,000+ companies around the world, including private and publicly-held companies, used for ESG investment/credit analysis, and compliance by major financial firms and businesses and evaluating their ESG reputation risks.

 Maplecroft Limited, UK

Mr. Cusack performed an 18-month sustainability and climate change country risk assignment as the Head of Financial Services Risk Management for Maplecroft Limited, an extra-financial/ESG country risk research firm located in the city of Bath in the United Kingdom. There he helped financial institutions, high energy using industries, and investment firms manage and identify sustainability and clean energy technology risks and opportunities that would impact business strategy and services.

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, USA & Europe

Mr. Cusack served as start-up CEO and co-founder of Innovest, one of the first corporate ESG/ sustainability performance rating agencies, backed by a mission-related investment from the Wallace Global Fund. Grew the firm to profitability within two years, attracted equity investment from a Dutch social venture capital firm and State Street Advisors. Reported to a board of directors that included Nigel Larson, ex-UK Finance Minister, and Arthur Lipper, co-founder of Lipper Analytics. Firm successfully sold and is now part of MSCI ESG Research. 

The State of Connecticut Treasury, Environmental and Insurance Departments, USA

As lead business member of the CT State Climate Change Education Committee, Mr. Cusack organized and led the planning and implementation of major educational summits on the financial opportunities/risks of climate change to business, insurance and financial institutions in sectors such as insurance, hedge funds/private equity funds, and real estate, which attracted over 600 major company senior executives, while partnering with the CTDEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy (now head of USEPA), the CT State Treasurer, and Swiss Re, AIG, the CT Hedge Fund Association.

Light Green Advisors (LGA), USA

Mr. Cusack was part-time Chief Sustainability Officer for over a decade of Light Green Advisors, a West Coast-based asset management firm whose largest client was the CalSTRS Pension Plan’s sustainability mandate. LGA’s sustainable investment large-cap equities strategy delivered returns 10% over the S&P 500 for over a decade. He also helped LGA develop and initially market the unique Energy Harvest Partners Private Equity Fund energy efficiency fund that would pass tax credits on to institutional and tax-sensitive investors.

The World Environment Center (WEC), USA

Mr. Cusack served as the VP-Corporate Programs for his global NGO, growing corporate members from 30 to 65 global corporations within 18 months and doubling revenues, and managing funded grant programs/ workshops on implementation of sustainability best practices within global corporations, and had responsible for relationships with CEOs and executives of multinational firms, national environment ministers, foundations, and the heads of international organizations such as UNEP, UNDP, USCIB and WBCSD.


Mr. Cusack was hired by the CEO of this major US electric and gas utility to facilitate getting PSEG into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), a task accomplished after conducting a study of PSEG’s sustainability submittals to SAM, the DJSI research provider. PSEG was added to the DJSI North American Index the next year. He also provided advice on why PSEG should consider closure/conversion of PSEG’s coal plants.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), USA

He was asked by the NJ Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to organize and lead an energy expert team that identified and prioritized in a report to NJBPU the key emerging clean energy/efficiency technologies whose commercialization needed to be accelerated to meet NJ State Energy Master Plan goals, and how to finance the implementation of these clean technologies by local & state governments, and new startup entities/funds.

NJ Corporation for Advanced Technologies (NJCAT), New Jersey USA

NJCAT is an independent public-private partnership that verified the performance claims of clean energy and environmental technologies, including verification requirements by NJ and other states in areas such as energy efficiency and storm water treatment technologies. Mr. Cusack was a board member of NJCAT for a decade, and also served as Board Chair. He wrote a business plan for NJCAT to expand their services to states that have abandoned green verification programs over the past years. Over 40 clean technologies developed by small and medium-size entities and startups have been verified and accepted for use in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), USA

Mr.Cusack advised Dr. Richard Sandor, the founder of the CCX, on marketing CCX to CEOs, boards and senior executives of US multinationals/utilities and the sustainability advantages of joining the first private carbon trading exchange in the United States. He participated in recruiting several CCX corporate members & partners.

 The New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS), USA

Served for 5+ years as 80%-time Executive Director of NJHEPS, a unique partnership of 45+ NJ colleges and universities, including Rutgers, Princeton, NJIT, and 40+ other schools at the presidential membership level, dedicated to integrating sustainability concepts into campus research, teaching, curricula, operations, finances, endowment funds, and communities. Won several sustainability awards from state and national organizations, increased NJHEPS sustainability projects funding from foundations, EPA, state agencies, and corporate support by over 600%. Convinced 17 NJ university presidents to commit to making their campuses “carbon-neutral.”

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ

Mr. Cusack was on the advisory board for the innovative NSF-funded Environmental Entrepreneurship Program, a joint effort of Stevens Institute of Technology and Brooklyn Polytech (now NYU Poly) to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by both students and professors in the clean energy and environmental sectors. Mr. Cusack presently teaches, as an adjunct professor, two sections each semester of a course (required for all graduating engineers and scientists) on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Iberdrola/Energy East, USA & Spain

Mr. Cusack prepared a sustainability strategy and implementation plan for the firm Energy East, a northeast US gas and electric utility (including Central Maine Power, NY State Electric and Gas, and Southern CT Gas), before and after its purchase by the Spanish utility firm Iberdrola. After the acquisition was approved, he assisted in the integration of Energy East’s EHS and sustainability programs into Iberdrola’s extensive and award-winning global sustainability and renewable energy programs and green reporting requirements.

Vattenfall, Sweden

Mr. Cusack assisted Vattenfall, a Swedish government-owned energy utility, in developing their sustainable energy strategy and implementation plan for their entry into the North American energy services market, using their sustainability and clean energy knowhow to manage and mitigate the controversial reputation issues of a foreign government being involved in increasing the operating efficiency of US nuclear power plants.

Marsh & McLennan, USA

Mr. Cusack led the Marsh Environmental Risk Management Consulting Practice NYC office. Advised clients on the importance of managing/mitigating sustainability risks such as climate change, water, biodiversity, and contaminated site redevelopment. Worked with Marsh & McLennan senior executives, board members, insurance brokers and investment teams on energy issues within the global firm’s clients, and on managing and/or mitigating the financial and ESG risks of offshore wind energy projects through carbon credit guarantees. 

Two Confidential Insurance Sector firm clients, USA, UK

He assisted a major global US-based insurance company, and a UK insurance broker for renewable energy projects, on how to submit a public comment for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) draft MOU to encourage possible use of insurance to help finance forestry sequestration projects as allowable carbon offsets. The proposed language was then adopted in the Final RGGI MOU’s offset rules, allowing the use of insurance policies to significantly reduce the potential risks and costs of developing forestry sequestration offset projects.

 Shell Investments Pension Plan Group, the Netherlands

Mr. Cusack developed a new methodology to incorporate ESG risk factors into the investment criteria of the five major corporate pension funds run by Shell Investments for Shell’s US, UK, German, Dutch & other subsidiaries, including analyzing specific equity/fixed income portfolios and holdings for ESG risk/opportunity. 

Access Industries, USA/Russia

For the Executive Vice President of Government Affairs of Len Blavatnik’s privately-held Access Industries, Mr. Cusack evaluated potential clean technology investments for Access Industries’ venture capital arm, including a carbon trading and asset management firm, and a MIT-based firm with a biological technology that removed carbon dioxide from fossil fuel air emissions, to diversify from their large minority ownership in the Russian oil firm TNK (50% owned by BP). He identified US clean tech venture investments/acquisitions that could be commercialized in partnership with TNK and TNK’s major investor, BP, in their Russian oil fields.

Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), USA and Europe

Mr. Cusack founded, led and profitably managed several ABB clean energy & environmental technology subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden and North America. He also worked with ABB’s Corporatre Research and its Clean Energy and Environmental Venture Fund, jointly-managed by Advent Partners and Oak Partners, serving as the operations liaison between the fund and ABB subsidiaries to find unique innovative new technologies for ABB to acquire or partner with. Represented ABB/CE at startup company board meetings. Helped develop corporate strategy that led to the formation of ABB Environmental Services to take advantage of sustainable business opportunities and served as director of clean energy and technology research and commercialization for ABB’s predecessor, Combustion Engineering Inc., identifying and funding clean tech research at corporate and subsidiary levels. He was the startup CEO of ABB Sanitec Inc. in NJ, and served as Managing Director of ABB Sanitec GmbH. He made ABB Sanitec profitable within 18 months, and turned around the German operations, including closing a factory without needing to layoff any employees. He implemented ISO9000/ ISO14000 plans to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for their facilities, and restructured global supply chain operations. He also served as mentor & advisor to ABB EMSI Inc., which used an unique optical technology to measure air pollutant emissions developed at the University of Lund in Sweden.

Toyota, USA & Japan

Mr. Cusack prepared for Toyota North America, at the request of Toyota’s HQ, an assessment of the number of investment research houses evaluating Toyota’s CSR/ESG performance and its relationship to financial performance. Expanded Toyota’s list of 25 firms analyzing Toyota’s sustainability performance to over 100 global firms, and recommended the five key CSR/ESG firms that had the most influence in the marketplace, and thus to be targeted by Toyota for attention in communicating their sustainable business/product strategies.

Bank of America/Fleet Bank, USA

Mr. Cusack advised the Corporate Head of Environmental Affairs on integrating environmental, social and governance issues into the Bank’s operations, including a major effort to reduce branch energy use to cut carbon emissions and added profits from reducing energy use. Partnered on delivery of a series of ESG risk seminars for branch loan officers and insurance agents in New England, funded by the Small Business Administration.

 ConAgra Foods, USA

Mr. Cusack provided a rationale and strategic plan for integrating sustainability into the supply chain management system of ConAgra, a major food processing and retail product company, including adding questions used to evaluate supplier sustainability risks in their regular surveys of their top 100 suppliers.

Johnson & Johnson, USA

Mr. Cusack designed and participated in ISO 14000 Environmental Management System training workshops for Johnson and Johnson’s environmental staff in the Western Hemisphere, emphasizing financial and reputational benefits of efficiency improvements and good environmental management.

Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL), Israel

Mr. Cusack presented a major review of ICL’s sustainability risks and opportunities in an all-day seminar to senior operating, financial and R&D executives at their offices in Israel, which led to development of an action plan which resulted in ICL significantly increasing their energy efficiency programs to increase profits and reduce risks, and to ICL being included in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s Socially Responsible Index.

The Government of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE

On behalf of the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Mr. Cusack worked for three years with the UAE government to plan a major environmental/sustainable business conference and trade show to be held in Abu Dhabi in October 2001, including arranging for the Executive Director of UNEP, Dr. Klaus Topfer, to have UNEP be an event co-host.

Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Mr. Cusack spoke as keynote speaker at the inaugural Deutsche Telekom Sustainability Conference in Bonn Germany on the opportunities and risks of sustainability factors, which encouraged senior management to adopt major sustainability programs in energy efficiency, climate change, and social impacts/benefits of new products/ services, as part of DT’s transitioning from a government utility to a global telecommunications provider.

Sanofi, France and USA

At the request of Sanofi’s Corporate Director of Sustainability, Mr. Cusack developed, on behalf of the Sanofi Corporate Sustainability Group in Paris, a series of key sustainability performance indicators (KPIs) for the Pharmaceutical sector that were seen as being considered financially material by the global investment industry, and particularly by US investment funds. He also conducted environmental audits of Sanofi-Aventis facilities.

Law Engineering and Environmental Services, USA

Mr. Cusack served as Office Manager of Law’s NY City office through an 18-month turnaround from an annual loss of $400k to profitability. The office served Law’s corporate and government clients from Maryland to Canada, and client’s international operations, including working their UK subsidiary, the Law/Gibb Group.

Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton (TAMS)/Consolidated Edison, USA

Mr. Cusack started his career as an environmental engineer working on environmental policy and assessments for infrastructure, water, fossil & hydropower power plants, and water quality modeling projects for private and public clients around the world and the USA, including work on environmental assessments of DFW airport and irrigation projects in Bangladesh, resource mapping in West Africa, and project-financed infrastructure projects. He also worked on water quality and clean energy policy issues for the US electric & gas utility Con Edison.

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