John Cusack to be a Panelist at the 4th Annual Summer in the City CSR Investing Summit, 20 July 2016

Mr. Cusack will be joining two distinguished panelists on a panel about  “Can Non-Financial Data be “Material” under the Legal (SEC) Definition?” at the CSR Investing Summit being held at Thomson Reuters Building in NYC.  The panel moderator will be Himani Phadke, Director of Research, SASB, and the panelists  will  also include David Hackett of Baker & McKenzie, and Francis H. Byrd, CEO of Byrd Governance Advisory.  They will discuss how NGOs such as SASB and CDP have designed frameworks for structuring non-financial data and information into the environmental, social, and governance pillars of ESG, and how ESG data be considered material under the the existing and proposed SEC guidelines on non-financial data. The panel will discuss what this means for institutional investors, small investors and corporate financial reporters, and will this information be sufficient to meet the “prudent investor” disclosure test to address both investor risks and rewards (first described by Judge Samuel Putnum in 1830: “Those with responsibility to invest money for others should act with prudence, discretion, intelligence, and regard for the safety of capital as well as income.”, and later in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act adopted in 1992 by the American Law Institute’s Third Restatement of the Law of Trusts, to reflects a “modern portfolio theory” and “total return” approach to the exercise of fiduciary investment discretion.)  We may also discuss how SEC disclosure rules may need to encourage more forward-looking disclosures of ESG risks than just backward-looking prior financial and ESG performance results disclosure.


Thanks to the summits many sponsors for inviting Mr. Cusack, and especially the organizer of the Summit, Gregg Sgambati, ESG Solutions Managing Director, Head of ESG Solutions, at S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.




GPA wins Another Award from M&A Magazine for Third Year in a Row!

2015 M&A Award Winners Revealed

United Kingdom – 8th June 2016 – Winners of the prestigious 2015 M&A Awards, sponsored by UK-based AI Global Media, Acquisition International Magazine and DealFlow Source have been announced today. Gifford Park Associates, of Bronxville NY, has won the “Sustainability Management Advisory Firm of the Year- USA” Award. This is Gifford Park’s third consecutive year winning this Award.

Voted for by a global network of expert M&A professionals, advisers, clients, peers and industry insiders, the awards celebrate excellence in all areas of M&A, recognising not only individual deal success but also the firms and individuals behind the scenes whose tireless efforts and unrivalled expertise have contributed to the dramatic increase in global M&A activity over the past year.

The awards are handed out solely on merit and are awarded to only those most deserving for their outstand­ing work over the past 12 months. The 2015 M&A Awards really are a true representation of a fascinating, competitive and ever-evolving business landscape.

AI Global Media is delighted to present the full list of winners and invites you to celebrate the teams that have shown the greatest strength amid ongoing economic uncertainty.

“This year’s winners are some of the most dedicated, forward-thinking and determined we’ve seen in all our time running these awards,” said Jonathan Hicks, Chief Coordinator of the 2015 M&A Awards.



Our winners are determined by three factors, the first of which is the number of votes received. The voting forms were distributed to Acquisition International Magazine’s dedicated base of 53,000+ subscribers. Beyond this we also have an in-house database of 150,000 individuals, all of whom have been actively involved in some form of transactional activity over the course of the last two years. The second factor is our substantial in-house research. This is a vital stage on the basis that we accept both self and third party nominations. Thirdly, we ask the nominees to supply supporting documents which they feel may cement their nominations – all items we are sent are taken into consideration.

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