GPA President returns to advisory services role

GPA President John L. Cusack has completed his work for Maplecroft, and returned to general advisory services and consulting projects for  a variety of global clients. While at Maplecroft, he contributed to a significant increase in Maplecroft’s reputation in the global financial sector as the leading provider of extra-financial country risk research, ratings, maps, scorecards and reports. He added major financial firms to Maplecroft’s roster of stellar financial services clients, including a very large Scandinavian sovereign wealth fund, a major global commercial and investment bank, a Canadian pension fund, a US asset management firm, and a leading government trade finance agency. He managed client relations with these and several other key new and existing clients. He spoke at events such as the Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) conference in Zurich and the VFU Forum on Reputation Risk in Frankfurt on behalf of Maplecroft, and represented Maplecroft at UNPRI working group meetings. He thanks the Maplecroft team for the opportunity to have worked with them over the past year.

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