Kean University – NJHEPS Consortium

Kean University announces that the USEPA has awarded a three-year contract to a consortium of Kean University and NJHEPS to manage a series of workshops for the 400+ higher education institutions located throughout EPA Region 2. Mr. Cusack worked diligently with Kean University and the Project Investigator, Dr. Daniela Shebitz, to write and win this proposal for Kean and NJHEPS, and per the contract agreement, Mr. Cusack is to be the NJHEPS Project Manager for implementing this grant.

Investor Network for Climate Change

John Cusack was an invited guest at the “Investor Network for Climate Change (INCR)” conference held at the United Nations in New York City, representing Light Green Advisors.

IBEC (International Business and Economy Conference)

Mr. Cusack was the co-keynote speaker at the 9th annual International Business and Economy Conference (IBEC-2010) held at the University of Economics and Management (VSEM) in Prague, the Czech Republic. His topic was “Corporate Sustainability Performance Goes Mainstream: Investment Metrics and Business Risks/Opportunities”. His co-keynote speaker was Dr. Ignacio Campino, Vice President and Representative of the Board of Management for Sustainability and Climate Change, , Deutsche Telekom, who spoke on “Integrating Sustainability into Deutsche Telekom’s Global Business Operations and Culture”.

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