Opportunities and Risks of Climate Change for the Hedge Fund Sector

The President of Gifford Park Associates, John Cusack, in partnership with the environmental organization Clean Air-Cool Planet, the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association, and the Center for Environment & Business at Yale University, organized the first conference on “the Opportunities and Risks of Climate Change for the Hedge Fund Sector” in Greenwich, CT.

Mr. Cusack was responsible for arranging presentations by Tom Sullivan, the CT Insurance Commisioner, Wim Neuger, President of AIG Investments, Martin Whittaker of Mission Point Capital, Andy Ertel of Evolution Markets, and other speakers at this event, which was attended by over 260 hedge fund managers and analysts.  The Environment, Treasury, and Insurance Departments of the State of Connecticut also were supporters of this event.

Responsible Investing Conference in New York City

John Cusack represented Light Green Advisors at the Responsible Investing Conference held in New York City.

Workshop with USEPA Office of Research & Development

USEPA’s Office of Research & Development requested Mr. Cusack to participate in a planning workshop on using EPA data and information by the financial industry.

Cusack Gives Keynote Presentation at the 8th Annual International Business and Economy Conference

John Cusack gave a presentation to nearly 100 business school deans and professors at the 8th annual IBEC meeting in San Francisco California, on the subject of Metrics for Measuring Sustainability Performance- Latest Developments in the Financial and Higher Education Sectors.  The largest group of international attendees were from China and India, and both groups indicated how important measuring sustainable development, performance and investing was to their countries.

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