Gifford Park Associates’ President John Cusack serves as host for NJHEPS Climate Change Communications Workshop featuring Ms. Solitaire Townsend, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Futerra Sustainable Communications

PRINCETON, NJ – Ms. Townsend presented a Masterclass in Climate Change Communications for NJHEPS members and associates under the sponsorship of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. Nearly 100 people took advantage of this great seminar, which repeated the format of the previous NJHEPS/Futerra Climate Change Masterclass held at NJIT.

Gifford Park Associates Continues Consulting Services for Energy East on Climate Change Issues

Through its partner firm Raymond J. Kane & Associates, GPA is continuing to provide assistance to the electric and gas utility company Energy East, providing the services of GPA John Cusack on a variety of climate change issues, and assisting in improving Energy East’s ratings by various environmental performance rating agencies. Energy East has 3 million customers in 5 states in the northeast United States.

Light Green Advisors (LGA) is awarded $50m sustainability mandate with California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) Pension Fund, with assistance from GPA

In response to a special RFP from CalSTRS issued in 2006, LGA was awarded the domestic equities sustainability investment mandate, utilizing an investment strategy of selecting the 80 best sustainability performers in the S&P 500, a strategy that LGA has used to successfully beat the S&P 500 benchmark for LGA clients since December 1999.  John Cusack of GPA participated in the final presentations to CalSTRS in December with LGA before the selections were made, and is serving as part-time Chief Sustainability Officer for LGA, which includes assisting LGA screen companies for investment.  Generation Investment Management, the investment firm of Vice President Al Gore, and ex-head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, David Blood, was also selected for a global equities sustainable investment strategy.

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