Gifford Park Associates assists with Connecticut Climate Action Plan

Connecticut’s Legislature and Governor approved the State’s Climate Action Plan in early 2005. As part of the Public Education component of the Plan, the State committed to hold a series of educational seminars on
the financial risks and opportunities of climate change for the insurance and financial industry. Mr. Cusack serves as the advisor to a Connecticut inter-agency state planning committee, consisting of representatives of the State Environmental, Insurance and Treasury Departments, tasked with implementing this seminar series. Mr. Cusack asssited with the planning, agenda development and selection of speakers for the first seminar, held in Hartford on 27 October 2005 for a select group of senior executives of the Connecticut insurance industry invited by Governor Rell, and was very successful. It attracted over 100 attendees, including representatives from over 30 insurance organizations (including 7 of the 10 largest), and attracted significant media attention since it was the first
such meeting in the United States ever held that brought together regulators and insurance executives to discuss these issues. Senior executives of the Hartford Fianacial Group, AIG and Swiss Re were among the speakers, along with the State Treasurer, the State Insurance Commissioner and the State DEP Commissioner.

As a continuation of the seminar series, the MetroHartford Alliance’s Insurance and Financial Services Cluster (IFSC) will collaborate with the Connecticut State Environmental, Insurance and Treasury Departments
on presenting up to 7 additional climate change financial seminars in 2006. The IFSC and the Connecticut inter-agency planning commitee will continue to be assisted by Mr. Cusack. Other Connecticut state agencies, such as Connecticut Economic Development, Connecticut Innovations, and the Connecticut Banking Department would also be liekely to participate.

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